Usage: gms_chat ( text, color )


Sends the message 'text' with the color 'color' to all other players.

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Last message on 3 Jun 2018

bruno_chachi on 3 Jun 2018, 22:11:47
I use chat for send messages like "@user kill @user", but SERVER mute players, how can I cancel the mute permanently?
Dublann on 2 Apr 2017, 20:26:31
Hi size!

Im having 2 chats, one general and another that depends on the unlockled level. The chat of the level, is created in different types of sessions, therefore, other player that dont belong to the session cant see the messages. The problem that Im having is that the player that send the message in the general chat, can see it in the chat of the level, and the message sent in the chat of the level is also written in the general chat, altought it is not sent to the other players.

How could I avoid seeing the messages from one chat in the other chat? I have tried several things but i dont figure out how to do it.

Size43 (Administrator) on 16 Apr 2017, 16:23:52
The only way to do this would be to clear the chat each time you switch. In order to clear the chat, ds_list_clear the following lists: global.__chattime, global.__chattext, global.__chatcol, global.__chatsender, global.__chatsendername.