Usage: gms_chat_get_time ( n )


Returns the time at which message n was received or sent. Basically, it's the variable 'current_time,' saved when the message was sent.

If the player sent the message himself, the time at which the message was sent will be returned. If the message was sent by another player, the time at which the message was received will be returned. If the message doesn't exist, 0 will be returned.

Replies (4)

Last message on 3 May 2020

Lakomka on 3 May 2020, 06:59:18
Can i somehow convert it into hours, minutes or even seconds, i tried date_get_minute and date_get_hour but it doesn't work, am i using wrong function or it's impossible?
FrogFTK on 22 Sep 2015, 08:14:15
Is it possible to Timestamp the chat? Seems like this could be used for something like that.
Size43 (Administrator) on 25 Sep 2015, 13:44:02
Forgeio is correct. You'll need to either somehow draw it next to the chat or draw your own chat.

You can also try to directly modify the data structure that's used for the chat (global.__chattext, global.__chattime, global.__chatsender) - but I can't guarantee that will continue to work in future versions.
Forgeio on 25 Sep 2015, 01:14:08
you would need to use the draw event and draw the time next to the chat somehow.