Usage: gms_script_set_authentication_token_received ( script )


Sets the script that will be called when an authentication token is received from the server. The authentication token can be stored locally to automatically login the user the next time the game is launched.

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Last message on 24 Jul 2019

icendragon on 8 Jul 2019, 14:32:59
In Gamemaker8 & GameMaker Server 2.1.5b:
I learn "Automatic login (remember me functionality)" but it is do nothing.
After I Login , I use this follow code:
But it is not working...
Its allways return 0,and "myScriptName" do not working too...
Size43 (Administrator) on 24 Jul 2019, 21:28:56
You should call gms_script_set_authentication_token_received before executing any login code.