Usage: gms_settings ( simple_mode, version, player_obj, other_player )


Configures the extension with the given settings. This function must be called before any other function. (There are some exceptions, like gms_connect - but it's a good practice not to call anything before server_settings)

simple_mode enables or disables the simple mode. This mostly affects whether instances & variables are synced automatically. Most of the time, you'll want simple mode to be on.

version sets the version of your game. See for more info updating your game.

player_obj and other_player sets the player object and the other player object. For more info, see Getting started with GameMaker Server. If you do not want to set the player/other player object, you should enter -1.

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Last message on 5 Jan 2016

Aaron13ps on 2 Jan 2016, 18:38:27
I have a map that takes roughly 10 frames to generate and uses a specific seed. Is there a way to disable synced instances all together for that time period so it does not mess up the generation of the map by effecting the order of events in the seed?
Size43 (Administrator) on 5 Jan 2016, 12:08:24
No, there's not. Couldn't you just do the generation in one frame?
Aaron13ps on 5 Jan 2016, 15:36:14
That is exactly what I did!
amkgames on 25 Jun 2015, 12:43:58
Is it possible to change player_obj?
I want to change player_obj after gms_settings is called because i have +2 player_obj.
I tried change object but other player can't see changing because player_obj in gms_settings is obj_player not obj_player2 and i also tried replacing obj_player with it in gms_settings which can change player but it not worked as well...
amkgames on 25 Jun 2015, 12:45:13
I also tried replacing obj_player with a variable*
Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Jun 2015, 16:06:12
Create a new object, and set that object as the parent of both player objects. Also give that new object to gms_settings, and it should work.
amkgames on 26 Jun 2015, 16:23:52
Thank you very much :)
Ajay on 2 Feb 2015, 15:49:57
Error : Check this screenshot.
Size43 (Administrator) on 2 Feb 2015, 18:40:35
This error can only occur when gms_init has not been called. Please make sure gms_init is being called before any other GameMaker Server function.