Usage: gms_show_keyboard ( )


Shows an on-screen keyboard.

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Last message on 31 Mar 2021

bestpisit on 21 Feb 2021, 07:58:22
I need help ! When Ever I open the gms_show_keyboard and clicking the on-screen keyboard, keyboard_string doesn`t changes anyway. it just appear to "".But when I use real keyboard it`s typing. How to solved this problem?
bestpisit on 24 Feb 2021, 15:08:01
why no one reply for me :-(
Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Mar 2021, 16:06:26
Apologies for the delay. The built-in keyboard doesn't update the keyboard_string variable, because it caused some issues with GM:Studio. The global variable 'global.__xkb_text' is the replacement used internally by the extension.
bestpisit on 31 Mar 2021, 04:58:43
thnk you
FieryBolt on 14 Jul 2018, 06:51:54
I need helping setting this up, I have it showingz etc, but how do I make it switch to the password box on the login? I type my username and thats all I can do, I can get to password.
Size43 (Administrator) on 17 Jul 2018, 16:55:04
Click/tap on the password box to change focus.
Dublann on 2 Nov 2016, 22:15:37

I want to use this keyboard for chatting on the phone, but I dont find the "space" button. Where is it or how to use it?

Thank youu!!
Size43 (Administrator) on 10 Nov 2016, 11:54:46
You'll need to edit the window layout. Edit keyboard.scn (see the download), and add a new space-key somewhere (just set the contents to ' ' (without quotes), instead of a letter.)

See here for general info on editing windows:
DeCarvalho on 6 Oct 2015, 05:03:25
Hi, im making a game and im testing GMS and would be good to have more detailed info about .. im facing an issue with keyboard thing..

how to make it appear when clicking on text box? tried in many ways and nothing.. so i just headed back to the normal.. which isnt useful at all


keyboard appear right way the login screen and if i click to hide theres no way to make it back.. and i would like to have the kb appearing only after clicking on text boxes..

GM:S 1.4.1657
windows phone/windows

thanks in advance and congratz for the amazing service.. im getting to many problems than happy moments trying to use GMS instead making my on server and running in some virtual machine.. but i'm giving a try.. im sure some problems that im having is cuz im not a pro.. but would be very good to have more detailed info, maybe youtube videos as tutorials..
Size43 (Administrator) on 7 Oct 2015, 15:21:55
Please see gms_show_toggle_keyboard. It does exactly what you want :)
ChuyZavala on 26 Mar 2015, 22:56:11
I can use this keyboard in other places besides the Login?
I can open it elsewhere but if I click does not work

sorry for my inglish :P
Size43 (Administrator) on 7 Apr 2015, 14:17:55
The keyboard only outputs to keyboard_string. It does not generate key (pressed/released) events :)
bobman1 on 3 Mar 2015, 21:10:38
I can't seem to get this to work. I call this code but nothing ever displays.
Size43 (Administrator) on 7 Mar 2015, 18:47:48
This is indeed a bug. Will be fixed in 1.8.4 ;)
Muldoon on 25 Feb 2015, 14:28:46
I can report the same problem. I am using my Android device to test the login system. The login window shows up and is functional, but when i tap the username textbox the keyboard isn't showing.

My obj_login has these 2 lines in the create event:

I'm using GM Studio 1.4.1522 and GameMaker Server 1.8.3 (All version).
Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Feb 2015, 17:29:07
I finally got an emulator running. It seems like there is an issue where the Android runner connects, waits a number of seconds, and then returns the socket is not connected. Before I start reporting a bug I want to make sure this is happening on actual Android devices as well.

If you add this piece of code below the gms_settings call, what does it say?:

Muldoon on 26 Feb 2015, 18:06:23
I get a native Android dialog window with the header containing the number 0 (zero) aligned to left and a single button labelled "OK". If i press the OK button, the room changes and i get the login window.

I pasted the code in GMS object's create event, right after gms_settings.
Size43 (Administrator) on 7 Apr 2015, 14:21:26
YYG support has told me that this is fixed in the latest GM:Studio release, but I haven't had time to verify this myself. There have also been some fixes to the keyboard in 1.8.4. Please let me know if it's working correctly.
Size43 (Administrator) on 26 Feb 2015, 19:15:02
Alright, seems like we're seeing the same then. For some reason the network_connect_raw function connects, disconnects, and returns that it's not connected. I'll go ahead and file a bug with YYG.
Miksamoo on 6 Feb 2015, 23:48:54
I have problem on Android. With windows all works fine, but on android I can write nothing to login screen. I called gms_show_keyboard() after gms_show_login, but nothing happens.
Size43 (Administrator) on 7 Feb 2015, 21:07:17
Do you see the login screen on android at all?
Miksamoo on 8 Feb 2015, 11:17:21
I see the login screen but when I clik usernamebox nothing happens and I can't do anything.
Miksamoo on 9 Feb 2015, 18:38:01
And when I click login button, it changes color but nothing else happens. In windows I can login with only Guest_.
Size43 (Administrator) on 9 Feb 2015, 19:36:47
I don't own an Android device, so it's pretty hard to test anything on android. I'll try to get an emulator running or something :)

Setting global.__kb_when_tb will make sure the keyboard always shows up when selecting a textbox. The function to enable this is missing for some reason, it will be added in 1.8.3.

Please make sure you're using the (All) version of the extension, and gms_network() is called in the async networking event.