Usage: gms_show_set_allowguest ( allow )


Sets whether the login screen allows guests to login.

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Last message on 23 Mar 2017

RisildarGames on 22 Mar 2017, 20:23:39
Sooo this function doesn't seem to work anymore. I just a FATAL ERROR Push :: Execution Error when I try to use it. How can I required users be registered / not a guest?
RisildarGames on 22 Mar 2017, 20:26:26
Nevermind, tried one more thing. In the "help" it shows the argument as being gms_show_set_allowguest(allow) when in fact the function requires a double (number).

Therefore, I tried gms_show_set_allowguest(0) and it seems to work :)

Might want to update this! It's even document as (allow) !
Size43 (Administrator) on 23 Mar 2017, 15:35:01
This is how functions are usually documented. For example, the official YYG documentation for show_message also says show_message(str), not show_message("")
SaitoZero on 24 Sep 2014, 11:11:01
This function does not work, how do I reduce trash account :/
Size43 (Administrator) on 24 Sep 2014, 16:47:13
gms_self_isguest can be used to check if an account is a guest account. This function will be fixed in the next big update. :)
littlecoolpug on 17 May 2015, 02:02:11
size I need help once again lol I'm trying to use a if command that checks if your logged in, but I can't find a code(not the drag and drop but reg. code) with it help me plz... and when you done help me with this plz :) (a reply on this post: )
littlecoolpug on 17 May 2015, 02:26:52
OMG I get to many problems! so I made a highscore table and it worked, but when i made it when you die it saves your score to the table and I got this compile error:
In Object obj_player_1, in Event StepNormalEvent action number 1 at line 20 : function "gms_highscore_add_guest" expects 4 arguments, 3 provided
In Object obj_player_1, in Event StepNormalEvent action number 6 at line 19 : function "gms_highscore_add_guest" expects 4 arguments, 3 provided
Compile Failed - Please check the Compile window for any additional information
could this be because I disabled guests?
littlecoolpug on 17 May 2015, 02:30:35
I made this with drag and drop it checks if your health = 0 and if your logged in then if you are then it saves your score than I duplicated that but changed it to check if your health is less than 0
Size43 (Administrator) on 17 May 2015, 19:20:09
Use gms_info_isloggedin to check if the user is logged in, in which case you can just use gms_highscore_add.

As of a few updates ago, gms_highscore_add_guest requires an additional parameter. I've updated the documentation to reflect this.

It seems like I haven't updated the Action, so you'll have to use GML until I manage to fix this.

Please see gms_highscore_add_guest and let me know if you need any more help :)