Too many accounts on IP

Posted by FieryBolt
Hello Size48, I am having an issue with my register system? It keeps saying too many accounts registered on this device? So like none of my players can make nee accounts. Its a completely different game ID, and they are being forced to use VPNs, is there a way I can change this limit or remove the limit?

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Last message on 28 Jul 2018

Walt on 26 Jul 2018, 18:10:31
This is due to a standard restriction with Gamemaker Server that each IP can only create 5 accounts. It currently is not possible to raise this limit and the only work around to this, that's secure, is to make the users use a VPN. However, players shouldn't be needing to make new accounts as accounts are global.
Size43 (Administrator) on 28 Jul 2018, 16:42:43
This is correct, thanks for answering!
jdev on 26 Jul 2018, 16:52:14

Please can you show me your login code and login checks script code?