Ping variations/spikes

Posted by Shamanovitch
I'm trying to do a kind of fast paced game and my first tries with the extensions make the player x and y coordinates lag too much to have it feel really playable.

I tried to check my ping and it's variable from 80ms to 900ms with the server. I've pinged in loops at the same time to see if it's not the connection and I keep being on 1ms constant (I'm using fiber).

Is there a way to make the server lag less, to pay for a slot it or something ?

I would need an approximatively constant 20ms ping at max but seems a lot more variable and with spikes.
I'm in Europe.

I'm only syncing X and Y from connected players to check the stability.

Have a nice day

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Last message on 30 Nov 2019

Size43 (Administrator) on 30 Nov 2019, 17:16:26
80ms might be reasonable if you're running on 30fps -- sending a packet in one frame and receiving the result in the next would already take 66ms.

900ms however seems way too high. Does it happen randomly or are there moments where the lag occurs more frequently? Does it maybe coincide with the peaks on this gaph?: