Instance synchronization workaround

Posted by PainiteOfficial
Hey Size! (Or whoever is reading this)
Recently I've been working on a game using gm server and it works great! except the sync part.
The game is a rhythm bullethell so I have to synchronize the bullets so that each player can dodge.

The big problem is that the game also has powers. For example, if a player uses the "slowmotion" ability,
all the bullets slow down, making dodging them easier. To sync the bullets at all the players i have to use the
"is_full| isc_local" method because the slow motion wont work on the other players otherwise (one player sees
the bullets slowed down while the other ones see them at full speed if I use is_extended) But because the limit for full sync is 100 instances (or 500 if you upgrade) i always get a error stating that i passed that limit.

Is there a solution to this problem? Can I somehow make this ability work and not crash the game using the is_extended method or something of that matter?


(tl:dr: i just need a way to sync the speed of an instance without using is_full method)

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