Get player join order

Posted by SuperInky
I'm working on a game and I wanted to make it so there were only 2 players in the game and the others could spectate the match. Is there a way to get the specific order when you joined a session, or can I just use gms_other_find to find this join order?

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Last message on 31 Oct 2021

Size43 (Administrator) on 31 Oct 2021, 16:32:48
You'll have to keep track of the order yourself.

Since it's only two players, I'd suggest just using two global (gms_global_get/gms_global_set) variables to store the playerIDs of the first two players that join. Each player can do this themselves by checking if the variables exist gms_global_exists, and if they don't, assigning their own playerID to the variable.