How to change name?

Posted by neil1961
It may be a stupid question but how do I change my name?

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Last message on 4 Mar 2018

jdev on 4 Mar 2018, 22:08:37
You cannot change your GameMaker Server username, maybe if you email they will help you out and possibly change your username, or maybe they will transfer all your data to the new account with your desired username. Other than that, people have programmed in ways to visually change your username within their games, such as a /nickname command, this requires some good knowledge of GMS and GML though.
Pick on 27 Dec 2017, 13:46:06
Adding on to what Size said earlier, you would be able to change your name In-Game, and for other people with the correct programming.
Size43 (Administrator) on 12 Dec 2017, 12:15:07
It is not possible to change your username.
ItzDEXUSYT on 9 Jan 2018, 06:42:13
tell me how, it's possible, a people do this making command, please Size43 help
Size43 (Administrator) on 9 Jan 2018, 12:00:11
Some people allow users to set a custom variable with a different name. However, this does not change your name on GameMaker Server, only in your game.