Update 1.9.9e released

This small update brings major performance improvements to the Dll-version of the extension. Under certain use cases, this can yield up to 65% better performance.

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Last message on 4 Sep 2017

Tohricat on 14 Jul 2017, 12:38:16
Sweet! This extension seems perfect for a login system for my game, however when I try implementing it, I get this: Error : gml_Script_gms_instance_sync(28) : "argument" is a global built-in and cannot be used as an instance variable

This also occurs with the examples - I am using Game Maker Studio. Will you bring out a fix for this soon?
Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Jul 2017, 16:49:36
The most recent update of GM:Studio broke GameMaker Sever. I've fixed it in the latest update, GameMaker Sever 1.9.9f:

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Bluecore on 13 Jul 2017, 06:15:07
Size43 you are doing god's work here. Thank you for continuing to update this amazing service.
Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Jul 2017, 16:26:58
Yemos on 19 Aug 2017, 12:19:39
Sir, i got banned on my own game, How do i fix this? Help please! :( :( :(
Size43 (Administrator) on 4 Sep 2017, 11:20:56
Apologies for the delay, I've been having some health issues.

You should be able to un-ban yourself from the developer section of this site.
Ferry145 on 4 Jul 2017, 08:41:57
Will both Game Maker Studio 1 and Game Maker Studio 2 support HTML5?
I'm still using Game Maker Studio 1 and have no plans to use Game Maker Studio 2 anytime soon.
Size43 (Administrator) on 14 Jul 2017, 16:26:51
Both GM:Studio 1.4 and GM:Studio 2 will be supported.
Arcadian on 2 Jul 2017, 15:54:03
What about Gamemaker Studio 2?

Is it supported? If not, is it planned any support for the near future?
Size43 (Administrator) on 2 Jul 2017, 17:51:02
GM:Studio 2 support will come with the rewrite of the extension, which currently does not have an ETA.