Syncing var of instances

Posted by kerimgt
Is there a way to sync variables of instances between players like, a boss's health to be synced to all other players in same session.
I cannot use inis, theres many instance of these types in my project.

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Last message on 27 Nov 2018

Size43 (Administrator) on 27 Nov 2018, 16:08:45
If normal instance sync (gms_instance_sync) doesn't work, you could use a few global variables (gms_global_set) to synchronize health if you don't have too many bosses.

If you do have many bosses and can't use normal instance sync, you'll have to use something like p2p messages as jdev suggested.
jdev on 26 Nov 2018, 21:12:52
Use p2p_messages to sync variables between players.
andiprasetyo on 26 Nov 2018, 17:29:27
try using statistic